Personal Training Wrap Up

by - Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last night was my last session with my personal trainer. We focused mainly on arms and abs and I learned how to use a bunch of machines I'd normally never touch in the gym, like the cables machine.

That machine always looked like it had so much going on and I never felt comfortable enough standing in front of it trying to figure out how to make it work.

I'm glad I learned though because that machine gives you quite the workout. My upper body, and most especially my chest, is insanely sore today. It was a great last workout with the trainer.

So was a trainer worth it?

My gym was running a special where I got three sessions with a personal trainer at a steeply discounted rate. I'm really glad I bought the sessions because I learned a lot in just three hours.

We identified muscles imbalances in my legs and the trainer showed me things I could do to fix them.

I also learned how to use several different machines at the gym to help build strength in my upper body.

What I really liked about working with the trainer was that he pushed me to do more than I thought I could and more than I would have done on my own. Plus having a trainer was a nice bit of extra motivation to get to the gym when I wasn't in the mood. Knowing someone was waiting for me meant I couldn't blow the gym off.

But I won't be buying any more sessions right now.

Even after all the great stuff I learned and the benefits I saw in three weeks, I can't justify spending that much money on a little bit of motivation.

My plan for now is to take what I learned and add it into my current routine. Maybe in a few months, I'd buy another session as a tune up to check in with the progress I've made and to see where I can go from there.

Even though I have a lot of background and knowledge about fitness and exercise from my years of running and working as a group fitness instructor, there's always more I can learn and working with a personal trainer was a great way for me to pick up some new things to add to my routine.

I'd recommend giving it a try if it's something you can fit in your budget and you're curious to see just how hard you can push yourself.

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