Stretching in the Office

by - Thursday, March 03, 2011

My legs hate me.

They're sore and achy and punishing me for jumping back into hardcore training after two weeks of rest. I took them on a super short recovery run this morning to help shake them out, followed that up with some very gentle foam rolling and I'm hoping they'll be back on my side after my yoga class tonight.

But until then I'll be sneaking in some stretches at the office.

Stretching at the office was so much easier at our old location. I shared an office with three other people and we had high cubicle walls, so no one could see me throwing my foot up on my desk to stretch my hamstring.

Our new building has a very, very open floor plan with super short cube walls.

Picture "The Office."

That's pretty much what our new space looks like. I could throw a stuff at my coworkers very easily if I wanted to.

So my stretch breaks here will probably be extremely entertaining for the rest of the office. It's a good thing my coworkers like me, and that I don't mind weird looks.

Do you ever stretch or do other exercises in your office? Do your coworkers look at you funny when you do it?

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