Why I Yoga

by - Friday, March 04, 2011

After four days of hard workouts, with three of those days being two-a-days, yoga was just what my body needed last night.

It was a calming, restorative class that helped clear my mind after a busy week at work and helped loosen my legs after a week of hard training.

It's classes like this one that remind me why yoga is such an important part of my training.

When I get busy or just need a break, yoga tends to be the first thing to go because I figure I can always stretch at home on my own. Of course, I never actually follow through with that though.

But yoga does so much more than just stretch my legs. It does a great job of clearing my mind and helping me refocus on what's important. I can more easily sort through the five million ideas I've got rattling around up there, and I can just as easily let some of the not-important stuff go.

Yoga is a like a big system reset. It's like wiping the slate clean, letting your body absorb all the benefits of a hard week of training and getting you ready for your next round of workouts.

I'm making it a goal this training cycle to make sure I get to my yoga class at least once a week. The benefits to both my legs and my mind are too great to pass up.

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