23 is fabulous

by - Monday, August 31, 2009

My birthday weekend was completely awesome. I took tons of pictures with my brand new camera (thanks BF for an awesome birthday present!) But....I left the connector cord at the BF's house so I can't upload them yet. Sorry!!!

I treated myself to a half day of work on Friday and then headed home to get ready for a night o' fun. BF and I had dinner at the Olive Garden. Nom nom nom. Lol, I love me some OG! Ended up taking more than half the plate of spaghetti home, but that's always the case there.

Then we hit the bowling alley with my friends. My roommate brought crowns for the girls to wear and got me sparkly beads and a delicious cake. It was a fun, but very late night. I knew then I'd be bumping my long run from Saturday to Sunday.

After sleeping until about 11:30 Saturday morning, BF took me to the zoo! That was the surprise he had planned. I've never been to the National Zoo so I was so excited. We got to see the pandas and tons of other animals. It took us five hours of walking around to see everything. Ooof what a workout!

I asked BF how his legs felt afterward. "Dead," he said. And I chuckled and said it was good prep for this weekend.

Hours of walking around also landed me with a mondo-huge blister. Like holy crap pain. I could barely walk the rest of the day. It managed to pop on it's own so I've got it covered up and it doesn't hurt as bad now, but I couldn't put shoes on yesterday, so that obviously meant my long run got canceled.

That's kind of been the story of my training for this race anyway. Have awesome plans to run, only to have life get in the way of it all. Oh well. It's not the end of the world. My weekend was totally awesome and I'm not letting a missed run and a giant blister ruin it!

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  1. Yay birthdays! I love the zoo...what a fun way to celebrate!

  2. Glad you had a fun day. I've heard the dc zoo is awesome, sounds like you enjoyed it.

  3. Happy Birthday!! I wish you all the best... Have a lot of fun, make experiences and keep it running ;-)

  4. Happy Birthday! Look forward to seeing you and your family on Friday. :)

  5. Just went to the National Zoo for the first time a bit ago. Its so crazy that those orangutans just hang out on that line above! Very cool.

    (Happy belated birthday!)

  6. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a blast.

  7. agreed an awesome life is way more important than 1 run

  8. Five hours!? That's nuts. I'd ice bath after that. :o)

    Happy post-birthday!

  9. Happy birthday, again! :)

  10. Hi Jess

    This boyfriend is a real keeper. It sounds like he does his best to make you happy and you have such a great time together. BTW, that is how it started with my wife and I..... LOL.

    Have a great race this weekend. I hope the cool weather we have been experiencing in Michigan heads your way.

  11. Happy belated birthday!! Sounds like you had an excellent celebration, well, minus the blister of course. :) you're only 23? Gah make me feel old... I'm about to turn 25! Yes, it really makes me feel old lol.