An awesome trip home and a five mile run

by - Monday, August 17, 2009

This weekend I headed home to PA for some family time and to get away from the city. It was fabulously wonderful weekend and I wish it didn't end so quickly.

I got into town late Friday night because you have to wait to leave the D.C. area until at least 7 p.m. unless you'd like to torture yourself sitting in rush hour traffic for two hours. So I pretty much collapsed into bed when I got home and slept like a baby.

Woke up Saturday, ran errands and then my mom and I hit the outlets for a day of shopping. It was awesome. I didn't get anything to exciting, just a couple cute tanks that were ridiculously cheap. We met up with some family friends for lunch and then finished our shopping extravaganza, which I think totaled five hours of shopping. I was beat afterward from all the walking. (Secret prep for all the walking I'll have to be doing in my half marathon perhaps? lol)

But I spent the night at friend's of ours pool, lounging in the hot tub, which seemed to do the trick for the tired legs.

Sunday morning I got up and headed out for a run around 7:30. Whooo it was hot as Hades by that point. But it was five miles in the book. And guess how many traffic lights I had to stop at or for that matter even ran through....ZERO! Alleluia! Running at home is the most amazing thing ever because there are just these long winding roads through woodsy areas and then past golf courses and big open fields. No traffic lights, no inhaling exhaust fumes, no nasty drivers honking at you.

As my mom said this weekend, apparently I'm a true country bumpkin when it comes to running. I hate running in the city. Like hate it in a way that words can't describe. And I blame where I live on why my running has suffered this year. It's hard to get motivated to go on a nice run when I know I'm going to run a block and stop. Run another block and stop. It's annoying and I hate it. Big city people, how do you deal with it? Yes there's a park by me, but lots of people get mugged, molested, etc. there so I avoid it. Tips, suggestions, to make running in the city not torturous? Maybe I should just move to the 'burbs lol.

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  1. I don't know of too many people who would prefer to run in a city. However, if that's where you live, I'd say your best bet is to find ways to cope. If you're concerned about the park nearby, don't run alone.. bring a friend.

    If you don't want to inhale car fumes, I'm sure there are roads or residential neighborhoods that are less traveled.

    If you're having trouble with routes and/or finding a running buddy, look up a running club. Mine has been really helpful to me.

  2. I agree about city running. I live in the burbs, and I love going a few miles out into teh country. So nice. I agree that finding running buddies is a good suggestion. Perhaps a running group would be good. They could go with you through teh scary parks or they might know some top secret route that doesn't suck bus fumes.

  3. That's nice that you enjoyed your weekend at home, but I can't believe you don't like running in DC! I think it's awesome to run there: so many paved paths, etc. I don't know what neighborhood you're in, but have you tried running in Rock Creek Park? Lots of nice paths there and very scenic (but hilly).

  4. you def got to avoid that park. scary stuff. even as a big guy, shit like that is why I stick to the treadmill.

    i can't take running downtown either, for the same reasons. just avoid it.

  5. I couldn't do that stop-and-go stuff. It's hard enough finding the motivation to start a run the first time, much less having to start over and over.

    Pennsyltucky, eh? Only TWO things come from Pennsyltucky: Steers and ... more steers.

    Which are you?

    (I myself hail from Phila.)

  6. i'm not even in a city and i hate running in trafficky areas. give me the sticks!!

    the running-group idea is a good suggestion as are the neighborhoody-routes if available. otherwise if you absolutely have to run in the city plan your route so no left turns?

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