She's gone country

by - Thursday, August 20, 2009

August humidity has finally set into the D.C. area. It was absolutely gross out this morning at 6:15 when I headed out to get a run in. I did about three miles and it seriously felt like there was no oxygen in the air because it was all water. Nasty, nasty.

I was sweating like wow by the time I got home. Sweet AC and a freezing cold shower never felt so good.

I normally don't get to do morning runs anymore because of my work hours, but today was awesome. I had to come in to work late anyway, because my roommate is taking me to a Keith Urban concert tonight for an early birthday present. Since the concert's in the city, it's easier for me to just come in to work later rather than leave work, go back to Md. turn around and come back to the city.

So I was super excited to run in the morning. It made me hate running in the city so much less than normal! I only had to stop at one light! Score!

Tonight's concert also kicks off a weekend of complete hickish behavior. After my awesome country music concert tonight, BF and I leave tomorrow for Tennessee to see some of his family. Do you know what else we'll be doing in Tennessee?

Going to a Nascar race....yea...Nascar. Like the world's fakest, most hill-billy sport ever.

Oh and guess where we'll be staying while in Tennessee. In a camper. Next to the racetrack. Apparently showers cost $5 at the campground. This explains so much to me about the South.

Perhaps if you've been reading long enough, you know my idea of vacation is going to a nice beach, staying a hotel with running water and nice plush pillows and comfy sheets. Roughing it isn't so much my style. So this will be an experience for sure.

I'm sure the tailgate aspect of the campground will be tons of fun as long as I can avoid offending any hill-billys. To do this, I must avoid saying things like, Nascar is the stupidest thing ever, Why would anyone want to sit and watch cars drive in circles for three hours, and ummm why does that guy only have two teeth? Otherwise I'm sure I'll be fine.

BF's stepdad told me there some places to run down there, so I'm packing up stuff and of course bringing my camera because this weekend totally needs to be captured and shared with you all.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck in the camper - that's a little rough for me!

  2. be prepared to get little to no sleep if you are staying by the racetrack. good luck! and have fun! I'm sure there will be good stories for us when you return :)

  3. Hahahaha! Carolina Cletus forgets to mention that he also sometimes just licks himself and his cubs clean because everyone knows the cleanest spit is human spit. And Cletus's spit is a close second.

    Yeah, NASCAR ... I don't get the draw either.

    Once, when we booked a place to say in the FL Keys, it turned out to be a double-wide trailer, much to Teh 'Bride's horror. She still makes the whole *Massive Shudder* sound when I bring it up.

    Try not to go native this weekend by, say, marrying your brother or something.

    But if you do, for God's sake, don't have kids!

  4. You'll have fun! Enjoy.

  5. When I was running in Boston over the weekend, it was awesome to be out at 6am because there were hardly any cars! City running is much more bearable in the waking hours.

    When you said "tailgating," it reminded me that we definitely need to meet up at a Maryland game this fall!! I might not go down to MD until October (silly weddings and work and such!), but I'll be there at some point.

  6. NASCAR?! Awesome. Just awesome. :o)

  7. I live in TN - transplant though, not a native. No Nascar for me, thank you. Have fun!

  8. Now, I was just in Tennessee. Them's good people! Rather nice, and friendly. Just don't stand in their way when they are about to spit.

    Like the world's fakest, most hill-billy sport ever.

    What's wrong with Nascar? There they go! They're makin a left. Oh, look! They're makin another left. That right thar is excitement. Besides, everybody knows wrestling is the world's fakest hill-billy city-slicker sport ever!


  9. Sounds like this could be an interesting weekend. Here's a tip, don't get excited if there's a crash that involves fire. It's apparently not supposed to be exciting. Even though it is.

  10. ok... nascar folks are not an accurate depiction of southerners, ok? just please keep that in mind! PLEASE!

    nice job on the am run - looks like you found a secret to running w/ less traffic and interruptions!

  11. ok NASCAR races are suprisingly fun. seriously I remember the first time hubs (then bf) wanted to go, I thought..WTF. but it was a blast, people watching and seeing everyone get all intense, it's fun.

    seriously humidity SUCKITH