Need hilarious T-shirt slogans

by - Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Every year I run the Komen Race for the Cure 5K in Maryland and last year I was able to convince a bunch of my friends to run it with me. We had a blast so we're planning on doing it again this year.

One of our favorite parts of the race was checking out all the other teams hilarious shirts with funny slogans about "Saving the Ta-tas" or "Running for Boobies" We thought it would be fun this year to create shirts of our own.

Only problem is apparently we aren't as creative as the other teams because we can't come up with a slogan. So I'm putting it out there for you guys to help. Leave me a comment with your most hilarious, most fun, most borderline inappropriate slogans dealing with running to raise money for breast cancer research.

Last year we were mostly girls. This year we may have some guys joining us too. So you could do one slogan that covers all of us or you could send me two separate slogans, one for guys and one for girls. Last year I saw a guy wearing a shirt that said he was running because he loved boobs too. Made me laugh a little bit.

I don't have a fun prize for the winner yet, but maybe I'll hunt around and send you something cool for your efforts. Or maybe I'll promo your blog on the back our shirts or something or just tell you that your awesome and lavish you with praise on my blog.

And if anyone has any advice on where I could get technical shirts printed with a slogan for not an insane amount of money, I'd appreciate it. I did some hunting around and haven't found too much.

So send me your slogans and pass this along to your friends. I know we've got a lot of creative people out there in blogland.

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  1. I have seen "saving second base" before -one of my favs lol. umm some other random thoughts-hakuna ma ta ta's, treasure chest club, nipple nation, stop the war in my rack (more of a slogan than team name), thanks for the mammaries... I'll see if i can't come up with better!

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  3. Stop the Lohan
    Running for Brittney (may be better for cervical cancer)
    Save the Boobies
    Breast Holders UNITE!
    will trade miles for tits
    I like my tits the way they are... stop breast cancer now!
    Show me no cancer
    Will flash for chemo
    Nudists against cancer
    Even maryland grads like boobies
    Flashing for Miles!

    ok, that's all i can come up with off the top of my chest.

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    For the boys:
    Boobs for Boobs

    Bouncing for Boobs

    Will Run for Boobs (Perhaps you should put that on cardboard signs!) ;)
    We're The Breast Team Ever

    Have fun! :) Can't wait to hear what you come up with.

  5. Oh I've got nothing but loving everyone else's suggestions!

  6. Those are all awesome. I have not a creative thread in my boobies ;-)

  7. Next week I'm running a 5k for Penises!*

    *Footnote: The dudes all say it's a 5k, but it feels more like a 2.5k to me ... at best.


  8. i have no ideas of my own but my fav idea that has been suggested so far is Hakuna Ma TaTa's.

  9. I like "Hakuna Ma Ta Ta's"!

  10. I thought of 2:
    I RUN 4 FUN BAGS and Let's WIN 4 The TWINS!
    I created designs for both but don't know how to upload them.
    Please email me at:
    and I'll send them to you if ur interested.
    thx, Jeff

  11. 5k Mammathon!
    Mass Jiggling to Raise Awareness
    Promoting Weapons against Mammary Destruction
    Follow the Bouncing Breasts

    BTW, an excellent source of high-quality custom shirts at sensibleprices is Creative Works on Roanoke Place in College Park. Call Gary Linowes at 301-513-0514

  12. Hee, these suggestions are way better than anything I could come up with. Good luck and a great cause!

  13. Hey, it's Joan from the YDR. As long as I don't get fired for suggesting this... "Trotting for titties?" LOL.

  14. "Nip(ple) Cancer in the Bud!"

  15. I made a cute shirt that was "Breast Friends Forever" with stick figure friends holding hands, and a large ribbon. Super cute! I also made a camo shirt for my bootcampers that said "Bootcamp for Boobies." Very cute designs!!!
    Next year we're dressin' up as 80's rockers, with our shirts to read, "Rockers for Knockers!"

  16. I just did the kc race and my favorite was
    Big orSmall save them all
    every pair is unique just like every women
    make them bounce when you race for the cure

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  18. Save a life, grope your wife!

  19. Fighting the war in My-raq