The hills of Tennessee

by - Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm back to civilization after surviving my weekend in Bristol, TN for the Nascar race. And while I didn't think the races themselves were all that thrilling, the rest of the weekend was a blast.

I don't have the best pictures ever because my camera broke on the trip down so I've got a few from the BF's iPhone and from his mom's camera.

I managed to get a run in Saturday morning and I learned that Tennessee is unbelievably hilly. I don't think I ran on flat ground for more than 2.5 seconds. It was all up and down, with the majority of it being up, up and more up. My favorite part of the run was when I was running back into the campground, one of the security people goes to his partner, "Now that's dedication," as I ran by. I guess not many Nascar fans drag themselves out of bed at 7 a.m. to head out for a run.

Anyway, here's the rest of the weekend, as told in pictures:

Tons and tons of campers for people watching the race. And this was just one campground. There were so many of them!

We went to walk around the trailers where you can buy all kinds of stuff with drivers' names and numbers and plenty of other tacky things.

They were also giving out free energy drinks. BF's cousin took a few.

And BF's mom and aunt compared the ingredients lists on the sugar free and the sugar filled.

We walked around some more and saw the tacky-est of all things tacky:
Umm yea that's what it looks like. Boobs on a plaque with the dollar bill shoved in between. If you hit a button the boobs bounced up and down. Best comment of the day was by the BF. "Hey I bet Glaven has one of those." Bahaha score one for the BF!

I got a picture with my driver. BF's family told me I had to pick one, so I based my decision purely on good looks.

#9 is mighty fine.

After heading back to our campers, we played insane amounts of cornhole.
Me and the BF's cousin.

The BF and his other cousin.

Check out the form. And concentration written all over my face.

Then it was time for the first race.
You have to wear these funny headset things so you don't go deaf.

Because the cars are loud!

BF and I during the first race. This one was the boring one. I almost fell asleep. Oops.

Saturday was much of the same.

We went up to the trailers so we could get Kurt Busch's autograph. He's BF's cousin's favorite driver.
I had him autograph a Bristol piggy bank.

Then it was off to the races.

The BF and I waiting for the Sharpie 500 to start.

We got to see some awesome parachuters.

And got a fly over.

And then the cars were off. For 500 laps.
There's my #9.

We stopped in Blacksburg, Va. on the way back home to see the BF's alma mater and visit his other cousin who starts classes today as a fresman. All in all it was a fairly awesome weekend.

Two weeks til the Va. Beach Half. I'm a little nervous and I'll have to figure out when I'm going to be getting my runs in this week!

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  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Fun pictures! Glad you had a nice time. Way to stay dedicated to running!!

  2. Sounds like a great time in TN! And that is dedication to get up and run while at Nascar! :)

  3. Yea, I went to a race here in Atlanta once. It was cold. I kept falling asleep and only bothered to look up when the crowd went ooooooooh! Of course, I couldn't tell what the hell was going on so I went back to sleep. Wake me up when there's ten laps to go...

  4. Fun trip! My husband was just saying this weekend that we need to go to a NASCAR race some time. You certainly make it look fun. :o)

  5. looks like you had fun! and i LOVE corhole too!

  6. hahahahahahahahahaha, oh Go BF Go! I bet glaven WISHES he had some Jingle Jugs.

    and there are tons of hills in bristol. they are small hills though. that's maybe 45 minutes away from where i went to college (in the big hills).

  7. wow, how could you resist buying all those souvenirs? you could've had a shimmying-boob-giveaway on here!! looks like a fun time and way to get your run in. do nascar fans even exercise? let's be real ;)

  8. Haha what a fun weekend...I love the bouncing boob thing, such a perfect stereotype of Nascar!

  9. I can't say that I've ever been to a Nascar race. The weekend does look fun though, so at least I know if I ever go to one I should be able to have a good time

  10. Tremendous, Jess! Well documented.

  11. hahahaha, you must be certain of the devil