Dear Sandy

by - Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thank you for all the tweets, comments and texts yesterday about the my grandma. I don't have any new information this morning. It's just more waiting for my phone to ring, which is not fun. I'm trying not to think about it too much because it just makes me sad.

Instead I'm trying to focus on the marathon. Emily and I are going to expo today after work. We're hoping to beat the crowds and get first crack at all the awesome race swag! I have my eye on a nice MCM jacket.

With marathon weekend officially kicking off today, I am getting super, super excited.

Except when I check the weather report. Then I get super angry.

Hurricane Sandy is trying her hardest to screw with everyone's marathon weekend. And for that I would like to tell her to go pound sand. Seriously! Sandy, what are you doing? A hurricane? In DC? In late October?! WTF!

The forecast is still all over the place for Sunday and some models show DC getting hit with nasty rain and 26 mph winds, which I'm fairly certain would actually blow me off the 14th Street Bridge right in the Potomac. Sounds like totally ideal marathon conditions, right?

NOAA's model looks pretty ideal. It shows the storm staying way south of DC until after the race is over. The European model says the storm is going to go right up the Chesapeake Bay.

Other models show the big beast of a storm slowing down and the DC area not getting rain until Sunday night. That's what I'm hoping for right now because running 26.2 miles through a freakin' hurricane will not be even a little bit fun. Plus I can't think of many spectators who would like to stand in the hurricane for a whole bunch of hours cheering.

So Sandy, do me a favor, turn east and go out to sea or just slow the heck down so we can run the marathon in favorable conditions. I won't even complain (too much) if you roar through next week and I inevitably lose power.

Just don't mess up the race I have trained so hard for. Kthx.

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  1. Kathy4:39 AM

    Just to give you a little hope, I lived in Nebraska for a few years where 26 mph winds are the everyday breeze. It's not that bad running in it; it really takes up to 40 mph to feel like you're flying. Good luck on the marathon! You'll do fantastic!

  2. There's no controlling the weather. If the elements are bad, you just have to make the best of the situation. Take throw-away clothes for the start and go have fun.

  3. Good Luck!! Watch out for hurricanes, I guess. That's really strange.

  4. Just think about badass it would be to run a marathon in a hurricane! And I remember a hurricane my freshman year at was in either September or October....


  5. The good news is that you'll be on the "clean" side of the storm. The bad news is that does mean more wind (less rain). And, in my opinion, wind is just about THE worst for running. Good luck. I'll cross my fingers Sandy steers out into the Atlantic.