What's Next?

by - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

That's pretty much the big question every time late fall rolls around and I've knocked out my big A-race for the season.

With Marine Corps behind me, I've been using Hurricane Sandy as an excuse to hunker down and stay curled up in my bed resting my tired legs. It's helped a little bit. My legs are slightly less sore this morning, and I'm now I'm getting that antsy looking-ahead feeling.

mile 25.5ish

Technically, my off-season started this week. I have the next several months to do whatever I want fitness wise. The thing is, right now, I'm not sure what I want.

Two or three weeks ago, I was 100% sold on signing up for an 8-week intro session at a local CrossFit box (Why are CrossFit gyms called boxes? I have never understood this.) I figured it was the perfect way to completely change things up and give my body something different. Plus, there was that added bonus of probably looking pretttty awesome after those 8 weeks.

Plus being able to do this would be cool.

Now I'm not totally sure though.

Mainly because at some point yesterday, I decided I really want to run another marathon. Soon. Like within the next several weeks. I feel like I put in all those weeks of training, and I should get more than one race out of them.

I bounced the idea off a few friends, both runners and non-runners, because I knew my runner friends would just be enablers. The runners obviously told me to go for it. The non-runners were slightly more hesitant, and I'm still really unsure.

Jess and Megan post race
But I do love medals...

My one friend did find a pretty ideal race though. It's teeny tiny (only 350 people), local and three-weeks away. That would give me time to recover, get in a few more runs and then tackle the distance again.

I'm not totally sold, but I sort of feel like I have unfinished business with 26.2 and kind of want another crack at it. But I don't know, the pain in my legs is still very real, and I'm not sure I'm ready to put myself through that again.

Then there's the option of picking up lots of shorter local runs. This time of year I feel like you can find a 5K or a 10K to run every weekend if you wanted to. And maybe I could use my awesome marathon training to take a crack at my shorter distance PRs.

Lots of options, not sure which one is calling my name the loudest. So really, I'm just not sure what's next. Anyone have any ideas for me?

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  1. Go with how you feel! There are always plenty of races to take part in :)

  2. Sounds to me like what you really want to do is qualify for the Marathon Maniacs. Their easiest qualification (that I got earlier this year) is 3 full marathons inside of 90 days. You know you've seen those yellow shirts at your other races. Join the club! One full mary in October, November, and December should do the trick. it's as badass as you are.

    Crossfit gyms are called boxes because they are supposed to be functional and were started in a warehouse or garage or something by lifting car engines instead of weights. The principals are very sound and 8 weeks of that will whip you into an incredible shape. I thought I was fit after Ironman until I tried a basic WOD. ouch.

  3. This is why I always plan for 2 fall marathons. I love this plan! I know Philly is sold out but you could try to transfer to the full or buy someone's bib that can't run anymore? I'm doing the Philly full! I think you said you were signed up for the half, right? Just an idea!

  4. You are already trained for 26.2... if you keep your milage high (15+ mile runs) then you should be fine. Work in the 5k and 10ks for speed to get faster and you should be all set for a spring Marathon... let the addiction continue! :)

  5. I'd recommend Rehoboth in December. I did it two years ago after I had a bad marathon earlier in the fall in Baltimore.

  6. I haven't said a huge CONGRATS on finishing MCM -- so first -- yay! Congrats!!

    I know that last year after I finished Savannah I was just not inspired at all to run another full, but my running buddy {Paula} was and did - and shaved almost 20 minutes off her marathon time. The race she picked was smaller and I'm kicking myself for saying no and not doing it! So I say - if you feel like can you run another marathon in a few weeks - DO IT. I bet you'll ass!!

  7. crossfit is definitely the way to go. I l just started a couple of months ago and love it!

  8. I like doing more than one marathon. If you have time to wait (not sure if it will sell out?), see how you feel after a couple runs post MCM.

    Last year I did Baltimore and MCM two weeks apart, they were both training runs for a 50K two weeks after MCM! I ran the marathons slower than I would have otherwise, and recovered well.

    This year I ran Wineglass Marathon Sept 30, and then MCM. Gotta say, Wineglass was MUCH better (and 20 minutes faster). I fell apart towards the end of MCM. But I did also bike 50 miles the week before, so perhaps I was a little tired :)

    Congrats on your MCM finish. Whatever you end up doing will be the right decision!

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