We Run Better Than Metro Shirts and Runner Tracking

by - Friday, October 26, 2012

I know it's pretty rare for me to post twice in one day, but I needed to use this morning's post to process some stuff with my grandma's death, and I didn't want to wrap that up in a post about MCM.

Emotionally I feel like I am on some crazy roller coaster right now. Obviously I am really sad about my grandma's death, but at the same time I am so, so excited about MCM. It's weird to be so excited and happy when I feel like I should just be sad.

So I thought two posts would help.

Here's my happy post for the day!

Sometime this summer, Emily, Aila and I thought it would be a fun idea to make special shirts for MCM since it's the first time the three of us are running it. (It's also Aila's first marathon ever! Whooo!)

baltimore 10 mile
Aila, Emily and me at the Baltimore 10 miler last June.

The scheming over shirts began back in July. We knew exactly what we wanted them to say. All we needed to do was the find the perfect shirt and work a little arts and crafts magic.

We found the shirts courtesy of Under Armour. We ordered them a while back, and then I took mine out on one of my 20 milers to make sure it would be comfortable over the long haul. Turns out it was.

Friends on 20 mile run

Then last week we got together for the arts and crafts portion.

It's safe to say, I am not a crafty person, so I wasn't sure how this whole shirt making thing would go.

We had printed our design on iron-on paper that Emily found at Staples.

Craft supplies

Then it was just a matter of cutting out the designs and ironing them on the shirts.

Emily cutting  Jess cutting

I may have had a minor glitch when I attempted to iron one of the designs on without removing the protective backing from the transfer paper. Turns out that will just make a giant mess on the shirt.

Jess ironing Aila ironing

Luckily it was fixable, and we didn't make that mistake again the rest of the night.

Emily ironing

Iron ons

We eventually got all the shirts made, and we're super happy with how they turned out.

We Run Better Than Metro!

Finished product

You might remember my ever popular "You Run Better Than Metro" sign from last year's MCM spectating.


Well it's been so popular that we decided to rock the slogan on our shirts this year. I think we'll get a good response from spectators and other runners.

You know what else will get a great response from spectators and runners alike? The sign my friend Zach plans to hold while he runs the race with his sister and friend.

Zachs sign

Yes people, that's going to happen. So keep a look out for him. (He says he may be in costume).

And if you want to track me and won't be at the race to spot me in my awesome shirt, you can sign up for runner tracking here via email or text message. Just punch in my name and you're good to go. I'm also bib number 8935.


Two days and counting! Here we go!


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  1. Laura3:56 PM

    Woo hoo good luck!!!! :-)

  2. Jon r5:42 AM

    You should totally mass produce those

  3. i second jon. i feel like you could totally sell this slogan to a local running shop, or sell the shirts yourself!

    lol at your friend and his "pace group"!

    hope the race is going well!!!!

  4. Another Jess12:13 PM

    My husband and I ran the race today. I didn't see the shirts, but afterwards I was telling my husband about them and he said, "someone with one of those shirts was running right in front of us for awhile!" Not sure if it was you or not--we had almost identical chip times, but your gun time was ahead of me. Yes, I did stalk the results of bloggers I read :). Congrats on your finish!

  5. Kandi4:41 AM

    I'm late to read this entry but I totally saw and tweeted about seeing you and your shirt at mile 20!! :)