Cereal, hips and lunches

by - Monday, January 25, 2010

A favorite:
I've been a big fan of Kashi cereals for a long, long time, but I think I have finally stumbled upon my favorite ever: Cinnamon Harvest.

Think Mini-Wheats, minus the sugar coating and instead flavored lightly with cinnamon sugar. They are so good without being too sweet. Plus when I looked at the ingredients list there were only about five things listed and all of them were real things, not funky chemical stuff.

It's also my favorite dinner cereal when I'm in a pinch.

Hip Update:
My hip still isn't better, but I think it's getting there. I tried running for a few minutes on the treadmill the other day just to see how it would feel. I did about 10 minutes and then stopped because it was starting to hurt. I switched the elliptical and finished my workout on that.

The next morning I noticed my hip felt a lot better, but it's different day to day. Some days it feels great, some days it feels tight and stiff. I'm continuing to stretch and hoping that it will clear up soon.

Playing Nutritionist:

The BF asked me the other day if I would be his nutrition consultant because he wants to try to eat healthier. While I'm certainly not the perfect eater, I do have a good grasp on what we should and should not be eating. And isn't it always easier to tell other people what to do rather than do it ourselves.

The BF's biggest challenge is finding healthy things that are easy to take for lunches at work so that he doesn't end up doing McDonald's or Chik-Fil-A every day.

I'm trying to come up with some good alternatives for him.

What kinds of foods do you bring to the office for lunch?

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  1. I used to pack Eric's lunch for him - mostly to save money since he'd just go to McDonalds if I didn't. I'd usually pack him 2-3 sandwichs depending on how long his shift was, some veggies, a fruit of some sort, a granola bar and maybe a yogurt or fruit cup.

    Sometimes leftovers if he'd have access to a microwave at work (which he doesn't always).

    Sounds little kiddish but he seemed to like it!

  2. I bring left overs every day! and when I don't have them, I make a sandwich. The key to healthy eating is PLANNING AHEAD. Period.

    A little activity on the hip will keep it from tightening up and flush out the damage. Do what ever amount of running you think is best.

  3. Some weeks, I like to make a big pot of plain pasta and keep it in the fridge. Then I can take some to work every day and prepare different toppings/sauces the night before depending on what I'm in the mood for. Very easy and offers variation!

  4. Oh I don't miss the days of having to pack a lunch! I nearly od on turkey sandwiches and veggies :)

  5. I have gotten into a kick of cooking up a few chicken breasts on sunday in EVOO and then dividing it into a few servings to put on my salads throughout the week for lunch. It is SO key for me to plan ahead. GOTTA plan ahead. I always take more than I am going to eat, especially if something comes up, that way I have a healthy snack to turn to, rather than grabbing fast food and such.

  6. I make bean chili on the weekend and take that, or a turkey wrap and fruits and veggies. Those are my go to meals

  7. i don't bring food to work for lunch, but i definately should. my husband does. every.day. me, not so much.

  8. I make my hubby a lunch every single day. Lots of fruit, because he's a guy and eats alot of food. I usually pack him with leftovers, but other ideas are sandwiches, wraps, tuna/chicken salad, whole grain crackers, pretzels with hummus to dip, fresh veggies to dip in light ranch or hummus... Lots of ideas.

  9. oh i'm boring... i have to pack a lunch (and if i don't, there's no where to go get food so i'd starve!)

    really i have to bring breakfast too (i can't eat at 6am, i'll be hungry again at 9!) so i bring oatmeal (and milk) for breakfast. then at lunch i have a sandwich and some carrots (or sometimes chips). i also pack an afternoon snack like popcorn, yogurt, pretzels, etc. obv boyfriend would need more than this, but he could bring extra side items for his lunch. i just reverted back to my high school days of packing a lunch.

  10. Well...this may not be applicable since I take dinner to work, but it's the same idea. I take leftovers of whatever I made for the week since I cook in giant batches. Your boyfriend may not go for the repetitive nature of that, however. When was on day shift for a few weeks, I just packed a simple lunch...sandwich, carrots, apple. Easy and healthy!