First (and freezing) run of the New Year

by - Thursday, January 07, 2010

What's a girl to do when she desperately misses running outside but is a big wimp when it comes to the cold?

Head out in the daylight hours and layer up off course!

Layer one: Under Armour cold gear tights and mock neck.

Layer two: Lightweight fleece.

Layer three: Hat and gloves.

Layer four: Chapstick. This is so crucial on windy days it's not even funny.

Despite being awesomely prepared clothing wise for this run, it still sucked. A lot.

In fact I think I tweeted that it was the worse run ever.

The first mile was awesome, clocked it in just under nine minutes. Then things like hills, wind and my hat trying its hardest to fall off my head caused some slow down.

I got several side stitches because the air was so cold it burned my lungs and was making it hard to breath. In miles two and three I ended up having to walk a few times to catch my breath.

At one point the sun was shining and I was getting too warm so I stopped to walk to pull off my fleece. Of course minutes later the wind started whipping like crazy and the sun was nowhere to be found. Just my luck!

So my first run of the New Year sucked big time, which means it can only get better from here right?

3.64 miles
Average pace: 9:30

Anyone know any quick and easy ways to get rid of side stitches besides stopping to walk?

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  1. I'm impressed you got out there -- thank God for the gym!

  2. Good job on braving the elements.

    RockStar Research says that the best way to lose a side stitch is to vary your breathing pattern while you run. If you normally breathe every 4 steps, try breathing every 3 or 5 for a minute or so. Of course just obsessing on how many steps you take per breath could drive you nuts too but by then the run is over.

  3. Keep your expectations low for winter runs, then EVERY run will be a good one :-) I, from experience, think some side stitches are caused by your nose running down your throat. Yuk, I know, but the best thing for it is actually fluid.

  4. at least you got out there for an outdoor run.

    i don't know what to do about side stitches. i usually walk and hydrate more. it's a muscle spasm from a lack of fluids, so you could try some kind of lean or stretch too. but that might look silly.

  5. I have had a big problem with side stitches lately too. :(

  6. That cold air burns horribly. Nice job getting braving the elements and getting it done!

  7. I'm *itching* to run outside (SO SICK OF THE TREADMILL) so I'll be in the same boat as you this afternoon. I really hope it doesn't suck though cause I'm kinda looking forward to it!

  8. way to get out there and run. I probably would have stopped after the first mile. Do you know that vaseline works charms for winter running. With temps below freezing, I usually rub vaseline over my entire face! (Plus, it's a great moisturizer... I cake it on before going to bed some nights during the winter).

    getting rid of side stitches... My dad taught me to take a deep exhale when stepping with the same foot that's on the side of the side stitch (multiple times). And, it usually works... usually I get them because I am breathing too shallow, so I have to focus on breathing deeper... try it sometime!

  9. Way to tough it out! My trick to side aches is to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. The slower the better.

  10. At least you go out there and you looked super cute! The next one will be better!

  11. Seriously, kudos to you. I don't think I even know HOW to run.