Three miles, interrupted

by - Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do you know what's challenging? Running on a treadmill while trying to talk on your cellphone. I know because I had to do it yesterday at the gym. (Good thing I was the only one there.)

With about three minutes left in my run, the car dealer had called to tell me what was wrong with my car. I hopped to the sides of the treadmill, jogged to the front of the gym and killed the volume on the TV all while learning that my brakes had rusted and that the mechanics needed to remove them, clean them and sand them all for the low, low price of $250. Gah!

I told them not to do anything that I wanted to think about it (aka call my dad and find out if I was about to get majorly ripped off.)

After confirming that the price I was quoted was in fact reasonable for brake work, I called back and was put on hold for like 10 minutes.

During those 1o minutes I got bored and figured I'd finish the last three minutes of my run. I'm sure I looked like a complete tool cranking out 9 minute miles with a cellphone pressed to my ear, but hey, I was the only person there so I didn't care too much. Plus I finished by the time anyone took my call.

So three miles down, still with the nagging hip pain. I treated the IT band to the Stick and some Icy Hot and I'm going to work on adding in strength moves more regularly.

Oh and I got my car back and it no longer sounds like it's about to explode.

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  1. If I did that, there'd be a Razz-sized hole just behind the treadmill.

  2. Congrats on getting the run in with a reasonable pace and getting your car back for a reasonable price. Cheers!

  3. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I always call my Dad too! Good luck with the car.

  4. You're still running with a nagging hip?!

    I get completely annoyed by those on their phones while working out at the gym, but this is a case sensitive sitaution that I would let fly! LOL.

  5. If people bring their phone with them into the bathroom, I think using in on the treadmill is ok. Glad the car's all fixed!

  6. I've totally had the phone on the treadmill with me when waiting for an important call - and even answered it quickly if it's Eric or my mom or someone to tell them I'll have to call them back! Haha

  7. Hi Jess
    I guess we both have our injury issues to work through.. It is a really frustrating thing to want to run and have to deal with how challenging it is to our bodies. On the other hand, that is what makes running so beneficial in terms of our fitness.

    Great catching up with you and 250 for brakes is totally reasonable.

  8. Nice job multi-tasking! And I still ask my dad for car advice.

  9. I couldn't do that for even 2 minutes.

  10. glad you got your car fixed! i would've def called ol' pops too. andddd i can barely sip water on the treadmill, let alone hold the phone :)