Working out with Jill before BL9

by - Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I punked out again last night and opted for an at-home workout instead of heading to the gym in the cold. My toes were numb by the time I made the short walk from the Metro to my house, so I decided I'd just stay inside.

Since the Biggest Loser season premier was last night, I felt it was appropriate to let Jillian kick my butt as well.

I did Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred, a quick but intense workout.

I can tell all the Jillian work I've been doing lately is starting to pay off. My muscles don't fatigue as easily while I'm doing some of the strength moves. Score one for building up some strength.

While I'm happy with that fact that I've been much more dedicated to building strength lately, I feel like I've been completely slacking on my running. The last time I ran was about two weeks ago when I was home in Allentown and it ended with lots of hip pain. At some point soon I need to get back on the running horse and log something short. Maybe today will be the day.

In BL news, I live tweeted like crazy last night about the show. I can't believe how big some of the contestants are this season. I truly don't know how it can be safe for someone who is 500+ pounds to workout like they do on that show. It's got to put his heart at risk.

So far I have yet to figure out which player is my favorite. I'm sure that will happen soon in the weeks to come!

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  1. As long as your guns don't get bigger than mine ;-) Let's have a contest! ROFL...

    I like the yellow team. It's totally not cool that they send people home in week one, much less during the first challenge.

    I've lodged an international protest with the chief at NBC ;-)

  2. I missed the first 1/2 hour of the show and was irked, I mean I need to know who these people are!! I did push ups and sit ups during the show cause they were all yelling at people and it made me feeling like working out :)

  3. I watched all of BL last night except for the vote off and was just amazed by how big some of those people were. I too couldnt believe how hard some of them were worked and how much weight they lost in one week! Now that I watched the fist episode, I am sure I will be going back for more each week.

    I agree with Wes too, I don't like that people get kicked off the first episode... they aren't even given a chance!

  4. I have to watch TBL on my DVR tonight. I can't wait!!

  5. How is the Jillian video? Do you need much equipment to do it? I feel like it might be a fun way to add in some much-needed strength to my training!

  6. Nice job getting the Jillian video in!

    I don't watch BL, but I read an article this morning about Michaels' concerns over the contestants too. You're right: someone who's that large needs to lose the weight much more gradually and with less intensive workouts.

  7. i always have trouble picking a favorite. i had a couple favorites last season and tracey was NOT one of them, haha. :) thanks again for the reminder, and nice job on the shred! i so need to get back into some weight/strength-training ...

  8. Super job with your strengthening and keep us posted on BL...I don't watch it but I still like hearing some of the stories!

  9. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Glad to see another runner who likes the Jillian Michaels videos! Her "No More Trouble Zones" is another great one that gets a lot of core work in-great for running!