Creepers at the gym

by - Friday, January 15, 2010

Man last night my fitness center was crawling with some serious creepers.

When I first walked in there was only one other guy there, he was doing some sort of weight work freakishly close to my elliptical and was grunting so loud I could heard him over my iPod. I wanted to turn around and tell him he should probably use some lighter weights.

While I continued to kick my own butt on the elliptical, grunter dude's friend joined him. Grunter dude left about five minutes after his friend showed up. And unfortunately it was his friend of course who was the major creeper.

His friend wandered around the fitness center for a little while, as if trying to decide what to do. At the point I was just happy that another girl had walked in and hopped on a treadmill.

Creeper decided to lift some weights, also standing freakishly close to my elliptical.

At this point I finished up and hopped on the treadmill for some easy walking for my cool down and of course right as I was doing that creeper got on the treadmill next to mine and the other girl left. Wonderful. Just me and creeper alone in the gym.

He was running on his treadmill though so I just ignored him and started stretching out. As soon as I hopped off my treadmill and finish my stretching, next thing I know that dude is eyeing me weirdly and had stopped running.

Yea, time for me to grab my sweats and get the heck out of there.

Despite the weirdos being everywhere last night I still managed to get a decent work out in on the elliptical. And I think I'm seeing a little breakthrough with the hip. Stretching last night actually felt good, not painful and I made sure to ice it when I got home. So cross your fingers for me, maybe I'm on the mend!

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  1. Ugh that sounds so uncomfortable. Seriously, why pick a treadmill RIGHT next to someone else when you're the only two there? If that's an attempt at starting a conversation/trying to ask you out, then he really needs to work on his form.

  2. Next time, say to the creeper "Hey, are cats really just made up of jelly beans and pancake mix? That's what my cat told me, at least. Oh! I really, really, REALLY love pancake mix, but not Nova Scotia." Then he'd think you were the weird one and he'd leave you alone for sure.

  3. Ugh. ANNOYING. This morning in the changeroom at the Y a lady was talking about how she'd "gained 30 pounds since she quit using and exercise wasn't helping"



    ^thought it might post the pic. its a chris hansen demotivation meme.

  5. Yowza. I would've been outta there as quick as I could!

  6. Ugh. Creepers freak me out. Thankfully my Y is usually pretty full when I'm there. Here's hoping he doesn't show up next time!

  7. Ugh, creepers scare me and they are everywhere. Imagine one pedaling after you in an empty camp ground! Ahhh, true story!

  8. ummm creepy!! Stuff like that totally weirds me out.

  9. mmm i love creepy weird men at the gym. thankfully i'm just not one of those cute little, coordinated girls at the gym so i don't think i'm too high on their list haha. my booty shorts and tight shirts stay at home.

  10. ooh the guys who grunt and then drop their weights...and then the guys that just blatantly not cool

  11. Sounds like you listened to your instincts. Yikes.