Six miles and visiting horses

by - Monday, January 11, 2010

When I got home from work on Friday night I was determined to get a longish length run in because it had been such a long time. Even though I knew I was going to have to do it on the treadmill, I figured I could shoot for around 8 miles.

Unfortunately that nagging hip pain came back and every mile and a half or so I had to stop to stretch out my hip and IT band area. Around mile 5 I could feel my form was starting to get really bad so I stopped and stretched one more time and ended the run at six miles.

I started looking into places around me that offer active release. I've heard good things about it and I'm wondering if at this point that would do more for me than just a massage. Thoughts?

In other weekend news, the BF and I went to visit his sister at her new place. She's a horse trainer and started at a new barn a few months ago. I haven't been around horses since I was a small child and then it was only like once. So here are some pictures I'm sure you will all find highly amusing.

Little mini horses.

Me lunging away from the big horse while Mary laughs at me.

Mary amuses the horse so I can take a "normal" picture with it.

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  1. great pics! Love the mini guys!

    Don't know a thing about active release, but I suffer from knee and hip pain if I'm not always on top of what I call my 'maintence exercises' for my hips and knees.

    Good luck to you!

  2. i've never used ART, but i've heard good things about it. anytime i wanted it, i either couldn't find a chiropractor who did that, or just fixed the problem by other means.

    and by other means, i mean core strengthening. with my hip pain a few months ago, i just had to ride the elliptical for a while (no running), do plenty of yoga and core strength workouts, and after about 2 months it just went away. i still have no real explanation.

    check out the library or amazon for a book called "core performance for endurance". it looks promising, i've got a copy but have not read it yet. should help with that.

    horses are cute!! that's a fun getaway with the bf. some of kelley's family has horses, i love to get down there and ride whenever i can.

  3. I tried ART but can't say it ever really worked for me. What has finally worked is active stretching before I start and then daily stretching like the pigeon some leg lifts for strength.

    yeahh for horses! i want to go ride again, but D says no way jose

  4. Sorry to hear about your nagging hip issues. I wish I could be of more help, but it seems like I am constantly dealing with my own issues as well!

    I love horses and used to think that I would get one when I was older... silly city girl I was. :)

  5. Sorry to hear about the hip pain. I've never used ART, and I've read mixed commentary about it, so sorry, no advice.

    Love the horses. Especially the mini ones!

  6. Sorry, I've got nothing to add on the ART front.

    But the horses. Cute!

  7. Aww, I love horses. Looks like fun.

  8. cute horse pics! :)

    i've read about lots of people 'doing' ART. never had it professionally myself, but it sounds worthwhile to me and sometimes i attempt to self-trigger-point.