Back on Track

by - Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sometimes all it takes to get back into the normal flow of things is to just make yourself do it.

After a weekend of way too much indulgence in terms of food, I thoroughly enjoyed having almost all of my meals and snacks center around fresh veggies yesterday. At lunch time all I was craving was a massive salad. The same was true at dinner. No meat. Minimal dairy, fat and sugar.

Just that one little change immediately made me feel a million times better.

Pulling myself out of bed this morning to run wasn't exactly easy, but I felt better at 5 a.m. today than I did yesterday.

My plan was a nice easy 5K to get my legs used to running again. Holy humidity it felt like a swimming pool out there today. Gross.

Still managed negative splits though:

1: 9:53
2: 9:34
3: 9:28
.11: 0:56

I feel a million times better today than I did yesterday. More awake, more energetic and more alert. Weekends of indulgence can be fun, but they can also be a serious set back in training. Good thing serious training for my 10-miler doesn't start for another week.

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