Maryland, the Big 10 and 10K Goals

by - Thursday, June 10, 2010

I had a whole nice post all planned out about my goals for my 10K this weekend. I'll get to that eventually, but first I'm making a quick plea to the University of Maryland, our athletics department, whoever the heck makes conference decisions:

Don't move to the Big 10! The quality of play in the ACC is so much better in the sports that matter at Maryland (aka basketball and soccer) than in the Big 10. I will cry myself to sleep every night thinking we left the best soccer conference in the country to go to....well....the Big 10 (or 16 or 24 or however many teams are really in it now). Oh and I'll be pissed that I'll have to pay more money to get the stupid Big 10 Network.

This post from the Bleacher Report has Terp fans everywhere in a tizzy. Seriously, you should see my Facebook news feed. It's ridic.

Side note: That report has changed a ton since last night. Last night they reported it as a done deal. This morning it's all about how it's not really a done deal at all. Oh, journalism.

Alright enough sports rant for today.

Race goals:

It's going to be a hot and humid one Saturday morning when the Crofton 10K kicks off so I know that's going to affect my times. I'm hoping there will be enough shade and I can keep myself cool enough that I'll be able to snag a good time.

A goal: Set a new PR, which means running faster than 56:13. That was set in the winter on a very flat course. Not sure if the heat and hills of this course will have a PR in the cards.

B goal:
Finish in under an hour. This seems like it should be do-able even if it's warmer.

C goal: Maintain a 10-minute per mile pace and finish strong.

D goal: Don't overheat and die.

I think the B and C goals are my most realistic, but if things go really well, I'd be thrilled to set a new PR. It'll be a game time decision, based on weather conditions, how hard I'll be pushing it on Saturday.

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