Good Easy Run

by - Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It was a combination of factors that made this morning's run so great.

First, the weather played nice. It was fairly cool out this morning and the humidity was at the lowest it's been in weeks. It was a nice surprise to go outside and not feel oppressive humidity.

Second, this morning's 3 miler was an easy run so I just let myself enjoy it.

I didn't push the pace at all and just cruised up and down the hills without too much effort.

Toward the end, I could really feel some fatigue and tightness in my left leg. I made sure to come home and really stretch out. After a day of speed work yesterday, i wanted to make sure that I got everything nice and loose today.

My hamstrings are still a bit tight and I'll probably have to make a date with the foam roller later today to make sure I get all the kinks out, but overall it was a solid run.

I'm really getting used to doing these shorter morning runs without music. I thought that would be something I never really adjusted too, but it's getting easier and easier to go without it. Part of that is probably because I'm not too excited about the music on my iPod at the moment. It's gotten a little stale and I could probably use a good music update, but I enjoy the quiet on my morning runs.

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3: 9:38

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