Cooking Challenge: Something Fishy

by - Friday, June 11, 2010

When I was growing up, my mom used to make fish fairly often, probably in part because it was quick and easy, but also probably because it was something everyone in the family liked. We all especially liked her Cajun salmon.

Since I moved out and started having to fend for myself meal-wise, Ive really fallen off the fish-eating bandwagon.

I'm not sure why because fish, salmon especially, have a ton of great health benefits:

  • Source of protein
  • Full of Omega-3's
  • Good source of vitamin B-12
This week for the cooking challenge, I put a twist on my mom's salmon recipe and decided to grill it up instead of baking it.

I bought a big salmon fillet at the store, planning to cut it in to two pieces on the grill.

Here's a tip:
Salmon skin does not cut easily and you can't just use a regular chef's knife to do it. You need a special fish-cutting knife or a very sharp pair of scissors.

Before throwing the fish on the grill, I sprinkled it with Cajun seasoning and red pepper flakes.

I grilled the fish for about 10 minutes on one side and then flipped it and did 10 or so minutes or the other side. I like the grill marks on my fish. If you're cooking fish with the skin still on it, you probably don't need to flip it.

You know the fish is done when it flakes easily with a fork. Since I'm always paranoid about under cooking meat, I practically destroyed my piece of fish trying to make sure it was done all the way through.

To accompany the fish, the BF sliced up some juicy watermelon and nuked a frozen veggie mix.

Everything turned out really well.

Grilled fish is delicious and I'm probably going to be experimenting more with it this summer.

What are your best tips for grilling fish?

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