Humid Summer Run

by - Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Welcome back! I hope you all had wonderful Memorial Day weekends. I enjoyed a pretty relaxing weekend, the highlight being a wonderful pool party/cookout on Sunday with lots of friends and tons of food.

Last night we were supposed to get a wicked storm and something like .6 inches of rain, which was going to help knock down the humidity, and I was looking forward to a nice cool morning run.

Unfortunately for me, that storm never happened and instead humidity was at about 80% this morning. I should have just thrown on a swim suit and done a couple laps.

Despite the humidity though, I clocked a fairly speedy workout.
Garmin had problems finding satellites again this morning, so he measured the route as 3.78 miles. Last week, he measured it at 3.8. Mapmyrun confirms it's about 3.8.

Anyway, I ran it in 35:56, for an average of 9:30.

The splits look like this:
1: 9:46
2: 9:24
3: 9:11
.8: 7:34

I had to stop and walk part of an uphill in the last .8 because I just ran out of gas. Overall though, I'm really happy that my times aren't suffering too much because of the heat and humidity. I usually get so much slower in the summer. I'm hoping that my body has slowly started to adjust to the warmer temps and that I'll be able to maintain my times through my summer training.

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