When Motivation Doesn't Come Easy

by - Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This is how my morning went:

Alarm: Buzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jess' brain: Do I really want to run this morning? Maybe I'll just hit the snooze button and reconsider.

Alarm: Buzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jess' brain: I'm so tired, it's dark, it's humid, I could sleep for an extra two hours. But then I'll feel crappy. I told everyone I was going to run this morning during the fitblog chat last night. I don't want to be a liar. Ohhhh but my bed is sooooo comfy. Going back to sleep would be so wonderful.

Fine, fine, running makes me feel good, I'll go and just take it nice and slowly.


Some days it's just such a struggle to get out of bed and go run, but in the end I'm always happier when I run rather than when I skip a run.

Temps were a little bit cooler this morning, but humidity was an impressive 100% even though it wasn't actually raining.

I did my four miles slowly, knowing that I wasn't in the frame of mind to push it too hard. I was pleasantly surprised when I plugged Garmie in and saw that I had run negative splits. I certainly didn't feel like I was pushing myself hard toward the end.


Despite all my mental struggles this morning, I'm glad I got out there and got the run in.

What motivates you to get your workouts done?

My three biggest motivators: You all, the way I feel after a run, having a race on the horizon

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