Why Employers Should Offer a Running Incentive

by - Monday, June 07, 2010

I'm always amazed how running in the morning completely shapes the outlook on the rest of my day.

Running (even the not so great ones) leaves me energetic and ridiculously happy all day a long. I'm probably 50 times more productive on days I run in the morning than days I don't.

I'm more focused. I can think more clearly. Life pretty much rocks on the days I run.

As a result of runners' increased productivity, I'm pretty certain that we should get some sort of kickback from our employers. Healthy, happy employees get more work done, are more efficient and take fewer sick days, right?

So doesn't it stand to reason that we should be rewarded for our awesomeness with more time off, a running bonus or some other incentive?

Think about it, if employers everywhere offered some sort of incentive for running I'm pretty sure we'd have fewer overweight, constantly miserable people chained to their desks all day long. Plus we'd all get more work done and meet our deadlines.

Sounds like a win-win.

I propose a half day on Fridays if you run three times during the work week for at least 30 minutes at a time. With the runner's focus, we'd be able to plow through our work in less time, enabling us to wrap up all of our projects by noon on Friday, getting us to the weekend just a little bit earlier.

Bosses would be happy because all the work would be done on time and we'd be happy because we'd have a few extra hours added on to the weekend. Seriously, who loses out with that plan?


Negative Splits:

5 miles, 49:04

1: 10:07
2: 9:59
3: 9:46
4: 9:44
5: 8:47

4 miles, 37:06

1: 9:50
2: 9:20
3: 9:03
4: 8:49

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