Not Every Race Should Be a Rock N Roll Event

by - Thursday, June 03, 2010

I've got beef with Competitor, the group that puts on the Rock N Roll races.

They bought the Philadelphia Distance Run a few years ago, and this fall that half marathon will be converted to an official Rock N Roll event, complete with bands and cheer squads every mile.

Now you all may be thinking, but Jess you love Rock N Roll events, how many times have you done the Virginia Beach RnR half?

Touche. RnR events are definitely fun and a big party, but I'm annoyed about the PDR mainly because of the price tag.

Last year when I ran the Philly Distance Run, I registered two weeks before the race and paid $65. I think I got a $10 discount for running Virginia Beach the week before, so normally the event would have been $75. For two weeks before the event, that's not too bad.

This year, if I were to wait to register until two weeks before the race it would cost me $90 (plus fees and all). In fact, that price jump to $90 happens in about a week.

I registered for the race last night because there was a $15 coupon in honor of National Running Day. So instead of paying the $80 fee I only paid $65 (well $71 with fees).

So yes, in the end I paid the same amount this year as last year, but I'm still annoyed. PDR was a pretty chill race last year. Lots of people, but still fairly low key. I'm worried this year, it will be a little more insane.

I enjoy Rock N Roll events, but I really wish Competitor would stop buying up all the smaller races. It's fun to do an RnR race every once in a while, but I don't want all my races to be RnR. It's fun to have some variety, smaller crowds and cheaper races.

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